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03 September 2011 @ 01:56 am
Without posting, That's a SHAME.

It' s really cliché to say that RL is getting HARD on me, but it's true; nobody said it was going to be easy to get a Journalism degree. In my internship things twirled at 360° (If once I was a great intern Who could deal with some problems alone, once they hired a Professional advisor, I was put aside, but I’m not complaining, I Just want to do more), in the finals, last semester, almost all teachers changed and instead of applying tests or exams, they asked for academic articles, demanding a time to read/study that I had to reallocate from my sleeping/arashian-colorful hours.

And after a month of college vacations, followed by 20 days of internship vacations, you may ask me: why are you writing NAO, when it all returned? Oh, well. This hectic lifestyle took its toll on me: I’ve got sick. Right, and also we can add the crazy weather in which you leave home with circa 47°F and come back under a 86°F sun, and vice versa, my sedentary lifestyle, and other factors which does not matter now. My long-dormant bronchitis had decided to wake up. And got wild.

I kinda knew something was happening when I felt breathless arriving at the office, but I just decided to see a doctor when I coughed during the 6 hours (plus the two hours of lunch) of work, but only got a grasp of how serious it was when I read the doctor’s statement, in which I have to stay five days resting! FIVE DAYS, OMG!!! And besides this, the amount of medicines I have to take,  and the inhalation with the all-feared Berotec (which causes cardiac arrhythmias and trembling), everything has its time, that always coincides with the hour I’d be doing something unstoppable, either at work or at the college.  Even though I’d decided I would take only a day off, my parents told me I should rest properly (they were a little frightened because I hadn’t had such a strong crisis since I was 8), but I didn’t stop working completely (I had some tasks to finish) to prevent me from freaking out. Monday I’ll return to my normal daily life, taking better care of myself.

Well, I feel myself much better now; ready to keep up with internship and college, and making time to write my dear fanfics and Arashi. BTW, I’m really curious to know which theorical text a teacher selected to me, saying she could only remember my name when she read it and it talked about fanfictions! Yay! \o/ Certainly my final thesis will talk about that!

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15 July 2010 @ 06:19 pm
もう いい!!

I've endured enough. I MUST tell something.

I'M SO IN LOVE with cherry_armrest 's wolves fic. So DEEPLY at the point to search for references (and with references, I say photos, videos, and create all a conspiracy theory to every fact make sense, although IT'S A FANTASY AU. REALIZA, BRASIL! A GAROTA É DOIDA!).

Cherry-sama is really good with describing details, so she got me hooked with this paragraph:

"Transformations have never been his favorite pastime. It was an excruciating process of limbs and bones breaking, snapping, and melding into shape; of cells and tissues getting liquefied, only to reform into a semi-solid state as they slotted themselves into their proper places in his anatomy. The whole world changed from a dull, monochromatic spectrum of grays that overwhelmed his senses with odors and noise, to one with glaring lights and vibrant colors, where his sharp sense of smell and hearing have been muted, slightly, by a keener sense of sight. Sho likened willful transformations to a trip to the dentist where all of your teeth went through a root canal all at the same time. It left him severely weakened, and sapped of nearly all his energy. It was much unlike the seamless and easy transition from man to wolf on the night of a full moon, where each cell in his body sang to the moon's dark tune and morphed freely and painlessly into its new shape. Breathing heavily, Sho sprawled his naked form onto the soft mattress of his bed, a shaky hand brushing a bead of sweat that strayed past his brows. Sho could hear the distant rumble of a car engine slowing down as it stopped to park in front of the gates. Pushing himself off the bed, Sho opened his wardrobe and flung a random outfit across his bed. He went for a quick stop to the bathroom to splash cold water onto his face before hurriedly wearing the clothes and making an exit at the backdoor, slowing down to a casual stroll to meet a very spooked Jun ringing his doorbell."

AND YES. I HAD TO READ TWO DAMN GOOD AND SMUT-FILLED CHAPTERS UNTIL ARRIVE THERE TO FEEL MYSELF REALLY HOOKED. Because we all know cherry-sama is the pr0n queen amidst ALL Arashi fandom.♥

It all started with a single and naive search for "gray wolf" at Google Images, which brought me to this:

C'mon! Isn't it Sho-kun? ...Nope? Okay. =/

And since I was at task, I've decided to search for "black wolf", and as a result, I got...

LOOK! JUST LOOK! It is as camwhore as Jun is! Tá, parei.

But what killed me for real, my bottom line was written in the last chapter she posted:

"'Sho, you're...' Jun was about to ask as Sho abruptly stopped, shut his eyes and willed himself to revert to his canine form. Jun could only watch in awe as Sho suddenly dropped down on all fours, his back hunched as bones and muscles began to morph and twist. Sho let out an inhuman noise that sounded like a cross between a growl and a hiss as his face began to contort; his jaws lengthening and  his teeth growing into needle sharp points while tufts of fur began to grow all over his skin, thickening until it covered his whole body with a silvery-gray coat. Within a span of a few minutes, Sho became the very same wolf that had woken him up in the middle of the night."

AÍ FODEU. YOU DO NOT HAVE A SINGLE CLUE OF HOW OFTEN I READ THIS CHAPTER IN A DAILY BASIS. And to make things worse better, I've printed the fic and I'm reading it all over again, enjoying it all over again, imagining it better now (hey, I got references! *thumbs up*). But, with a keener imagination, came the *dun dun duuuuuuuuuun*  THE CONSPIRACY THEORY.

Why yes, I'm a born conspiratorial, so it's part of my nature to try to aggregate sense to things which doesn't have to make sense at all. You see, it's fiction, just to entertain, but I've already have some lines of thought about it.

Regarding werewolves. I never thought as them protecting people, and that's a good side she brings to our knowledge. As an musician/show host said the other day, "Where's the fun in a vampire being nice?", and I felt that way about weres, until I read her fic. Another thing that caught my attention is that when you talk about weres, you imagine (at least, I do did) that humongous fugly beast, drooling a disgusting goo, standing in two feet, ready to onslaught. Now I've changed my mind completely.

Regarding Sho and Jun. Another thing about Cherry-sama is that HER WRITINGS ARE MAGIC. ♥ Who doesn't remember, she was writing the dolls fic, then the new format of Himitsu no Arashi-chan started with MANNEQUIN FIVE! I was in complete and utter shock. She started to write the wolves, and then life became brighter their fanservice is increasing greatly since then. The most reference I have to the chapters Tides (I, II and III) is the AU bed CM, which I have even in my work pc!

Regarding her writing style. How come her describe things so well? Okay, if you trip on your own feet, you'll know how embarrased you can make the character feel, or how painful it can get, or the way he fell on the floor. BUT ホラ!!!  IT'S A METAMORPHOSIS IN WHICH I HIGHLY DOUBT SOMEONE HAD SUFFERED EVER BEFORE! And yet, she writes it as if was normal. And for that, my DoS part, which loves torturing Sho, thanks her everyday.

Another bottomline (o fundo do poço é BEM MAIS FUNDO do que se pensa!) was when I entered YouTube and Google to search for "werewolf transformation". AÍ FODEU DE NOVO. I've found a picture and some amateur video which made me a vague (and I said VAGUE) idea of how could it be in that paragraph I mentioned. Let's say that my disturbed mind had overworked on that all this week. ♥ To the extent I've dreamed as the fic was becoming a movie, starring Sakumoto, and after Sho got the prosthetic make-up muzzle, I COULD SEE IN MY DREAM he hanging around the corridors, waving to everyone and saying "どーも! 櫻井 です!" YEAH, TWISTED, AND LAME, I KNOW. BUT I DON'T WANT TO BE SAVED, THANK YOU.

Regarding the plot.  Weres, kitsunes, all living harmoniously in a corporative environment. If you take a look at it, it's funny though. Matter of fact, I like to compare cherry-sama's fics with a chocolate with pepper cake (#gordasafada). They're adorably sweet, but stings sometimes. If you consider Sho's pain of watching his lover die, and mourning every single day of his lo~ong  life about it, the fact alone already makes my heart breaks a little. Then, Jun. He made up all that "I'm the best lawyer that you have", or "employee of the month" façade to cover up his own emptiness. Amnesiac, the deep caves of his mind hiding from him a great part of his own life, showing clues through nightmares which makes him more and more desperate. He choose an erotic way to disguise his loneliness, which in the end doesn't help him in anything AT ALL. I guess that the battle for his attention, at work, makes him more desesperate, because it involves hierarchic positions, interests besides the affective ones, and even his job, for fuck's sake! Disputas fora do escritório, POR FAVOR!He already has a duty that he has to remember.

BTW, their duties, from what I understood, is so selfless it hurts. I believe they were born wolves, but God made them men to mingle with humans, and protect humanity from close. If they show their true self to humans, NOBODY WOULD UNDERSTAND. They only have each other what makes me think Sho suffered TOO MUCH for a long time. Now, I wonder if Jun will remember what it takes to transform himself in a wolf, although the "scene" at their old house reminded me of the movie "Underworld". I've imagined him like that were/vampire hibrid, and consequently, when Sho killed the hunter, I've imagined him that way, too. It's like their adrenaline or hate made them that way.


Well, I'm looking forward now for a comeback of Kitsune Aiba, what will he do now that Jun remebered his past? And I guess Nino, the Slayer has some secrets to tell us, and it makes me really curious. My objective is not rush cherry-sama, not at all, but this fic in particular is so AWESOME that it deserved a post. I had to write all about it, or else I'd EXPLODE. ♥
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07 June 2010 @ 01:37 am
However it seems to be. And isn't laziness either. Okay, maybe a little. But I've been busy, you know?

I've already entered a part-time job, but I've quitted. My mom and dad doesn't want to know where my happiness is, so they search for me to do all kinds of tests linked to the goverment. They say we MUST work for them because it's the only way to be stable, you only can be kicked out by robbing or killing. BUT I HATE SPENDING LONG TIMES AT A SINGLE PLACE! CAN'T I HAVE THE RIGHT OF WANTING TO CHANGE? And why they only does those tests AT SUNDAY MORNING? Ugh, I hate waking up at Sunday mornings without a good reason. =/

At college, thing are going well, I guess, besides the fact my classmates are L A Z Y. Completely and absolutely lazy. Sometimes I feel bad for them, if they keep this train of thought, they'll not going anywhere, but at the same time; they're so funny! I can't remember having so much fun at the classroom at uni, 4/5 years ago. But I really want them to progress.

You know, I'm still a first-year undergrad (AGAIN! xD), and the teacher already wants us to choose the theme of our thesis which we'll present to graduate. And I was thinking about stereotypes, and then a talk I had with friends via Twitter popped in my mind. We were talking about how tired we were at reading fanfics and always noticing the Villain!Jun or Domiyoji!Jun, or Baka!Aiba, ignoring other important sides of the boys' personalities. We weren't totally complaining, I personally think stereotypes are fundamental but, sometimes it's just tiring to see this ocurring frequently, ficwriters has creativity enough to try to work another facet of the boys, don't they? but that's another story. And then I was commenting this to teacher (and she was a substitute, btw), and then she asked (about Jun): "Does he gives reason to this?" My answer?

And then, I remembered. HanaDan. DoS Banchou. And another phases of this kid I haven't watched yet. But, analyzing closely, it was when I was still a naive girl at uni, 5/4 years ago! jun-chan is so dorky now, sparkly, rainbowy and so, so cute! Okay, my thesis still can be changed. xD

In the writing field, I think I'm fine, I'm planning a fanfic but it's scaring me since every thought I have about it, somehow it appears in an Arashi Show. Like this week's Shiyagare, I could see the space I've imagined the first time the stage spinned! Even with Tecchan! The The Quiz Show Golden-based one I'm posting here, but only in Portuguese (and it has A SINGLE READER. Josi, não postei essa semana, gomen! m(_ _)m ). But when I readjust my schedule, I'll see what I can do.

Hm, well, I've written here too much (although I want to write more and more) , and I think I deserve some rest, it's 1:30 am, I'm awake since 6am and I have to wake up tomorrow at 6am again. It's not too good if you got used to the lazy life. =/
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25 January 2010 @ 04:10 am
Posted in Portuguese due to future massive flailing. But, it's nothing a Google translator cannot clear for you, english-speaking friends. Love you all! ♥

Pois é, tem gente completando 28 primaveras hj. Mas na maioria das vezes, não dá pra perceber que ele tem essa idade.
como aqui.

Ou aqui.

O que já nos leva ao assunto principal desse post além do aniversário desse ilustre.


E quando eu digo putaqueoparilmente, eu não estou exagerando não. É amar mesmo, eu já assisti TQS 18273518235812358126531 de vezes, mas antes dele aparecer, dá frio na barriga, choro com as mesmas coisas, penso como teria sido se fosse assim e não assado, se tivesse acontecido isso ao invés daquilo, tanto que pra isso fiz uma fic, que EU JURO que vou postar.

*doki doki*

Eu amo o Kamiyama pelo que ele é, até mesmo por ser a personagem que eu sempre tive o sonho de escrever. E Sho-chan o retratou direitinho. Inúmeras vezes quis entrar pela tela e ir ampará-lo (claro, por isso escrevi a fic!), chorava com ele, e queria que tudo se resolvesse de uma vez por todas para que ele não carregasse nenhuma culpa.

What made me weak towards weak!Sho? It all started here! And there also started my obsession for collecting Eyes closed!Sho caps/photos. Thank you so much, Aymee-chan!

...Imaginei que eu fosse deixar minha emoção falar mais que a razão, cabeçuda. Falei nada concreto sobre TQS.

誕生日おめでとう 翔ちゃん!!

Demorei a te assumir como ichiban, mas não me arrependo de tê-lo escolhido!

PS: GZUIS, #PERFECTBODY chegou a 3º!!! Hohohoho, way to go!!! 8D
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23 January 2010 @ 03:38 am
Hello! I'm not dead. Yet. 8D

Feeling Interested?Collapse )
I wanted to talk about The Quiz Show so badly now, but I guess I'll do Monday, to honor the birthday boy! As the days goes by, I feel my love for Kamiyama increases a lot! I know it's not normal, but I feel it, what can I do? *grins*
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03 December 2009 @ 03:08 pm
Long time no see!!!

Pois é, parece que só mexo aqui quando é pra trocar o layout. Mas desde que entrei de volta na faculdade, minha vida virou, em vários aspectos.

Muitas coisas boas aconteceram no âmbito pessoal (na minha turma SÓ TEM MALUCO - ATÓRON! - no meu curso SÓ MALUCO TEM - piores que nós, que acabamos de entrar - e no nosso prédio a senzala TEM SÓ MALUCO /táparei. Gradualmente eu descubro que é isso mesmo que eu quero fazer, por mais sacrificante que seja, e que pague pouco, mas só de eu ter vencido a barreira da timidez - eu definitivamente não sou a mesma Thata de 3 anos atrás - eu vejo que é isso mesmo o que eu quero. Me sinto MTO MTO MTO MTO MTO MTO bem ali. Como se ali fosse mesmo o meu lugar), mas no quesito família não posso dizer que as coisas vão de vento em popa. Muitas decisões excludentes e imediatas estão acontecendo, não é comigo, mas não adianta dizer que vc vai se afastar, é família, e de alguma forma isso acaba respingando em vc. Se vc não se mete, é fria e não participa das decisões da casa, se fala alguma coisa, deu pitaco onde não era chamada e devia cuidar da própria vida.

Dos assuntos do fandom, devido ao encurtamento de tempo de dedicação, tô usando a madrugada pra poder acompanhar tudo. Acompanho os programas, mas tô devendo no grande volume de informações. Fiquei sabendo, tipos, AGORA que Sho-kun (hare marido!) vai fazer uma "participação do além especial" em My Girl, e a Debs me contou dia desses que o dorama com os meninos será exibido dia 09/01. Do resto, a Thata não sabe. Alguém pra contar, onegai? ^^

Engraçado, minha produção de fics aumenta em proporção inversa à disponibilidade de tempo, bem quando eu tô cheia de coisa pra fazer é que me aparecem idéias. Mas o abençoado capítulo 10 de TQS sai nem com reza. Falando nisso, eu ainda quero falar de The Quiz Show, vc tem 10 minutinho ae?

... não?

Tão tá, fica pruma próxima.

Mas vê se o layout do meu chapeleiro maluco não tá munitim?! ♥
Esse mês é dele e só dele!
Ah, e de férias também! Vamos fazer uma corrente de oração para que eu possa viajar para o Rio de Janeiro! Preciso ver minha vovó!
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11 July 2009 @ 10:40 pm
Did I say hiatus?

Yeah. And I feel like I shouldn't have said anything.

I really had a semi-hiatus, you know, a week and 3 or 4 days without computer. The fact is, Here in my house we have 2 computers but just one modem. So me and my younger brother have to share it. But one day I took the modem without knowing my brother was using it. He didn't liked it and after some minutes of arguing, our father came to us and asked the modem, keeping it to him.

Then this week we came to an agreement and then the internet is back. At the beginning it was hard to pick up all TV shows Arashi went on, and I have to pick up now the fics I was reading. But still, I don't think this can be called a hiatus.

And somehow I feel tricked by my own dad. As if he wanted me to get out of my my PC sometimes. But I have absolutely nothing to do yet, besides computer-related issues... =/ All activities starts in August! To me it was kinda


Anyway, now I'm back. Hoping this won't happen again. At least, not until I get a job and do something like... uhhh... buy another modem? Connect both PCs to the net?

Well, August seems far away yet, so until then I'll keep reading and writing fics and posting my ramblings in here, watching all my favorites shows and dramas and all that jazz...

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06 July 2009 @ 10:11 pm


Yep, a forced one.

I hope I'll be back ASAP. ^^

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30 June 2009 @ 02:36 am
Hi! Long time no see, huh?

This time I'll do my best to write in english, I feel like I owe this to my international friends this fandom gave me. ^^

Let's see, how can I start? AH!

Today I want to talk a little about myself. Since I was 13, I had this dream (I still have it, but), I want to become a journalist. If I'd appear in TV saying the news, or a newspaper reporter, I'd do my job knowing that was what I chose to do.

The town I'm currently living in is a small town still wishing to be a big city, so the only college which has this speciality in here isn't from the government, as the other I've studied before (I'm graduated in an Uni which belongs to the State I live); and let's say the price, for an average family as mine it's... quite... expensive.

And in top of that, The national justice had decided a week ago to declare that the diploma to exercise the profession of journalism is no longer necessary in Brazil.
Now, What should I do??? I don't have any experience in this, And I've waited for so long... I already paid for my registration, but somehow I feel confused... And insecure...

And I'm afraid my dad can't afford, since he pays 50% my brother's college tuition already, and if I don't get a job soon I'll have to give up, I guess. =(

And yet I don't know what to do about it. Seriously.

Okay, in the other hand, I've watched The Quiz Show 2 And liked it a lot, but it hadn't surpassd Maou in my Dorama Ranking. But the character Kamiyama was so good that he became the character I loved the most, surpassing both Naruse-sensei and Serizawa detective, I've never imagined I'd write a fic with him, I had to convey that love somehow!!! I'll make a special post to talk about TQS someday...

Today I'll stop here. And I hope that this post does not have many errors...
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11 May 2009 @ 02:49 am

And now, every time I do it, I feel guilty... =/

I want to talk about TQS, but not now...

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